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TradeMotion is a leading provider of on-demand parts software, data solutions and services to the automotive industry in the United States. The company assists automotive dealers and manufacturers in selling parts and related products and services to consumers.

Custom Data Services

Data Extraction and Aggregation Services

Collecting data from automobile dealer information systems and effectively managing that data is a complex task; we provide a competitive advantage in serving automotive dealers and manufacturers in this field. Our data extraction services entail collecting data from automotive dealer computer systems, aggregating that data, and distributing it for a variety of purposes.

TradeMotion's data collection services specializes in collecting, normalizing and enhancing service, vehicle inventory, vehicle sales, parts and data from automotive dealership management systems for Internet sites, one-to-one marketing, data analysis, and data warehousing.

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Company Facts

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  • TradeMotion supports more than 2.8 million active and registered users daily.
  • TradeMotion manages over 21 million unique product SKU's.
  • TradeMotion provides service to more than 6,500 active franchises and manufacturers.
  • TradeMotion growth averages at about 40,000 new registered users a month.
  • TradeMotion has 5 dedicated teams in 5 regions across the country.
  • We offer FREE, live, and unlimited training Monday through Friday.

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